Senior/Widowed/Disabled Residents Economic Recovery Payment Program

Posted, May 2023 | Updated 12/12/2023

The program (an American Rescue Plan Act funded program) will offer a $500 one-time economic recovery payment to Haverford Township residents who also qualified for and received the 2022 Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s Property Tax/Rent Rebate in 2023. The Township program is limited to one rebate per household and the program will open May 1, 2023 and close **April 01,2024.

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  • DELGO’s transit services available at NO COST to Haverford Township seniors

    Posted, Oct 2023

    Need a ride getting to appointments, shopping, meeting a friend for lunch or see a movie?? Learn more about DelGo’s transit services available at NO COST to Haverford Township seniors. See information slide presentation and give them a call with any questions – they are there to help!

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  • Did You Know ?

    Posted, July 2023

    Are you or a family member disabled in your home ? In case of an emergency would need a wheel chair or extra assistance in leaving the premises? If you answered yes, you can notify emergency personnel now so that in the rare occasion you might need to make a 911 call, the proper emergency personnel will automatically be alerted and prepared to provide extra assistance.

    Providing this information now could save valuable time in the future should you have an emergency. Just call 610-853-1298 ext 1213 or email

    Thank You & Survey Results Update

    Posted, March 2023

    On behalf of the Senior Citizen Advisory Council, I want to thank each of the 356 people who responded to our “2022 Needs Assessment / Survey.” Over 1,300 comments, suggestions, and recommendations were offered, providing the Council with important data that will guide our efforts. Moving forward, at each subsequent Council meeting, a specific survey area will be addressed. Relevant Township departmental or entity representatives will be invited to attend and participate in these discussions. While we realize that some topics will require additional time for review and discussion, initial review efforts will focus on areas where Council advisement could result in more immediate, tangible results. Again, thank you for your participation and support. Scott Selkowitz, Chairperson Senior Citizen Advisory Council

    Survey Results Update Webpage: Information for Seniors

    87% of total respondents indicated that it was relevant and important, individually and for the Senior Community as a whole, to modify the Township website linking Seniors to a specific resource page—preferably through a dedicated Icon link.

    The Township website does have a tab (INFORMATION FOR SENIORS) that will link you to critical news, updates and other resource information specifically pertaining to Seniors. This tab is readily accessible on the main page of the website under “Resource links,” and has been re-designed by Township IT staff to be more user-friendly. In response to the survey, the Senior Citizen Advisory Council will now be utilizing this link as our primary vehicle for information dissemination as resources and other outcomes emerge from the survey review process. Paired with pertinent Township information, this page will provide Seniors with instant access to current, ongoing information updates.

    Survey Results Update: Sourcing Affordable Home Repairs and Maintenance

    There were numerous requests for referrals to obtain home repair and basic maintenance services offered at reduced / discounted rates for Seniors. Haverford Township, as a government entity (including the Senior Citizen Advisory Council), cannot issue such recommendations or endorsements for any vendor, contractor, business, or service provider. While not considered an endorsement, but merely information--sharing, Surrey Services of Delaware County, a private not-for-profit agency, has a program called “The Handy Hands Registry.” This registry provides for such referrals and is detailed on the Surrey Services website.

    Survey Results : Library and Parks and Recreation

    Posted, July 2023

    As the Senior Citizen Advisory Council continues to review and discuss the results of its Senior Citizen Survey with the various Township departments and entities, we are looking to determine which concerns, suggestions, ideas and recommendations can be more immediately addressed. Joining us at our two previous meetings for these discussions were Sukrit Goswami, Executive Director of the Haverford Township Free Library and Eileen Mottola, Assistant Director of Haverford Township Parks and Recreation.


    The majority of survey respondents’ comments focused on the deteriorating physical plant, lack of parking, accessibility issues, and a return to pre-COVID program and service offerings of significance and relevance to seniors. There were multiple recommendations to dedicate space to be used exclusively by seniors for socialization activities and private (“quiet”) reading areas.

    The good news is that the planned renovations and refurbishments will be addressing many of these issues. Plans for additional parking are in process and will be announced once formalized. The building will be totally accessible and designed to allow for separate, private tutorial space, designated quiet areas, and designated rooms for socialization activities that can be used by seniors. Plans call for the creation of a “Living-Room” area offering comfortable furnishings, seating, and comfortable “eye-soothing” lighting.

    With the upcoming closure of the library and the planned, temporary move to the Manoa Shopping Center, there obviously will be changes to the line-up of programs, services and events that can be offered during this period of transition. However, with the goal of being able to offer as many of the programs, resources and programs as requested, Mr. Goswami and staff are working on securing alternate locations so many of the Library’s signature programs can continue throughout this time period. Participants will be able to be kept informed of all of these changes by accessing the Library’s webpage (link) and through updates provided by the “Information for Seniors” tab on the Township’s website.

    Parks and Recreation

    Based upon the results of the Senior Survey, The Council, working in partnership with the Parks and Recreation Department will be co-sponsoring a Senior Fitness Open House, Sunday, October 1, 2023, 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM at the CREC. This event will offer interactive, recreational, informational, and entertaining activities promoting health and well-being for seniors across the entire age continuum. It also will provide an opportunity to acquaint newcomers to the CREC and introduce or showcase proposed or expanded program offerings—including a proposed monthly “Senior Nite-Out” at the CREC.

    The recommendations and overall feedback received via the survey clearly indicate that the CREC is considered a vital community center serving and supporting residents planning to or continuing to age in place within their homes. Although 72% of survey participants responded “NO” to the question “Do you actively seek out and engage in programs and services offered through the CREC,” seniors are using the CREC—identified primarily as participation in traditional fitness-type of activities (walking track, fitness room and indoor pickleball).

    Further analysis of the data collected clarified that participants responding “NO” as indicated above equated “programs and services offered through the CREC” with classes, seminars lectures, programs, and other socialization / recreational activities--separate from participation in fitness programs. And this conclusion was supported by the following comments and recommendations:

  • Design and offer more classes, seminars, lectures, cultural programs, educational programs, and activities of specific interest to seniors “within the younger senior age range.” It is important to note that 263 of the 356 people (74%) completing the survey were between the ages of 65 to 74.
  • Be mindful of the “non-retired / working senior” when developing program and service offerings.
  • Offer and expand individual and group activities that promote socialization among our senior residents such as card clubs, game nights, dance classes, potluck meals, art classes, walking groups…to name a few of the recommendations.
  • Continue to offer / expand specialized seminars (taxes, planning for retirement, etc.).
  • Offer trips and outings.
  • Parks and Recreation has offered a number of these programs and services over the years. However, factors such as declining / shifting interests and enrollments, seasonal focus, staffing, and maintaining programming balances often influence what may be offered. While it is important to note that while it may not always be logistically or financially possible to implement all that has been suggested, Parks and Recreation administration has pledged on-going considerations of survey respondents’ recommendations. Looking forward to seeing you on Sunday, October 1, 2023, 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM at the CREC!

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  • $3.00 public skate admission discounted rate
  • Police Services

  • $5.00 incident report discounted rate
  • $5.00 accident investigation report discounted rate
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  • INDOOR walking track free access for ALL residents
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