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2022 Officer of the Year

Officer James Jones has been with the Haverford Township Police Department since 2019. Officer Jones was nominated by his supervisors because of what he brings to the department on an everyday basis. Officer Jones is always the first officer to volunteer for an assignment, one of the first to step up to assist his fellow officers, and one of the first to volunteer to handle calls. Officer Jones was described by his supervisors as diligent and steadfast.

Officer Jones was recommended and sent to be trained as a field training officer so he can train future officers to mirror his everyday performance.

In 2022 Officer Jones statistics were:

  • 1st in Complaints/Petitions filed (18) - completed thoroughly and done in a timely manner, rarely with any assistance from a supervisor
  • 1st in Officer Back-ups (377) - showed his concerns for fellow officers and was always quick to back one up
  • 2nd in Parking Tickets issued (43) - diligence of the traffic concerns within the township
  • 2nd in School Foot-beats (55) - with a baby that was on the way in 2022, was observant of past school incidents around the country and his concern to thwart any incidents in his district
  • 4th Foot Beats (390) - showed his diligence in the problem areas where patrolled and realizes that more than vehicular patrols were needed
  • 4th in Traffic Citations issued (33) - again, shows his diligence of the traffic concerns within the township
  • 5th in Vehicle Stops (90) - shows his ability to recognize the problems with traffic within the township
  • 5th in Selective Enforcements (67) - never questioned the assignments handed down on these enforcements and in fact, often read reports and completed selective enforcements on his own based on those reports
  • 5th in Incident Reports written (492) - this number does not just include incidents in the district he patrolled, but also was cognizant of other officers who might be tied up on something and took the call to alleviate an officer being backed on reports

  • Officer Jones's supervisors used the following to describe him:

    "I'm sure there will be other officers named who might be worthy, but the totality of what Officer Jones brings to his squad and the department as a whole should be mirrored by every officer. His intellect regarding the job makes it easy for his sergeants to supervise. Always modest and never one to self-promote, Officer Jones can be counted on to complete any task given."

    Based on these points above, Officer James Jones is the 2022 Officer of the Year Award.

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