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Tree Giveaway--Beautify Your Yard and Help the Environment

This November 6th, the Haverford Township Shade Tree Commission will be distributing 40 oak trees to lucky township residents. Trees will be in easily transported 5 gallon containers and will be 4 to 6 feet tall. Recipients will be chosen by a lottery, details to follow below.

Why oak trees? We're glad you asked. Douglas W. Tallamy, an entomologist and longtime professor at the University of Delaware, has written a book about the benefits of oak trees but in an (acorn) nutshell, oaks support more life-forms than any other North American tree, provide food and protection for birds, provide cooling shade, soak up carbon dioxide and add stately beauty to any landscape. Oaks are the must have tree if you have the room for a large beautiful shade tree! Sign up for your chance to win one.

Lucky winners will get one of the following types of oak trees:
Swamp White Oak:
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Willow Oak:
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White Oak:
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Chestnut Oak:
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Lottery Details

Any questions please feel free to email